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Prairie Mobile Homes Offers A Variety Of Equipment And Supplies designed To Repair, Improve, And Customize Mobile Home Units and Modular Home Units.

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Some Other Home Supplied We Carry At our Depot in Winnipeg: 
Ground anchors
- 6 inch(") Disk
- 6inch(") and 4" Disk
- Concrete Ground Anchors 
- Straps and buckles 

Roof Sealant/Sealants
-Gallon/quarts/10 oz Caulking Tubes 
- For mobile homes/Modular homes/RV
-4" by 50 Feet Fabric Mesh for larger area's 

Heat Trace
- Self Regulated Heat Trace  
- In Line Wet Heat Trace for Pipes  

- Heat Trace Accessories 

Modular/Mobile Home Skirting
- Insulated Vinyl Skirting (9.5 R Value of Insulation) 
- Vanguard Vinyl Skirting 
- Rock Wall Skirting (4 Colours) 

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Rapd Wall Skirting

Winterguard Heat Trace

Everock Panels

ProFlex Adhesive




 Raychem Heat Trace  Belly Bag  Wind Rods Brown Floor Register   Prairie Carpet Protection Carpet Mask  Flex-Mend 




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