Understanding Mobile Homes


What Options are Available When Considering a Mobile Home?

Oct 29 2015

If you’re looking for the freedom and flexibility of a mobile home, but aren’t sure there’s a ‘perfect fit’ out there for you and your family, don’t despair. Mobile homes’ floor plans are as varied as those of traditional fixed homes—sometimes more than you might imagine, given the flexibilities of prefabbed housing. Today, we’re going to talk about mobile homes floor plans, the terminology used for different types of homes, and other options you can consider when looking for your perfect mobile home.

Understanding the Basics

When people talk about mobile homes, they usually refer to them as ‘single-wide’, ‘double-wide’, or ‘multi-sectional’. These terms refer to how many prefabricated sections are assembled to produce a complete whole. More isn’t always better, but it’s certain that you’ll see more luxurious, varied options as you go up in sections.

  • Single-wide. The classic single-wide, infamous in many ways—when you think of a dingy mobile home, you’re probably thinking of an older model single-wide. Today’s single-wides rarely come in under 14 feet wide, and some stretch as long as 80 feet long. Transportation considerations limit the maximum size of a single-wide, but you can still end up with a luxurious 1200 square feet of living space if you like.
  • Double-wide. While this is technically a ‘multi-sectional’ mobile home, you’ll rarely see the term applied to homes utilizing two sections. Like the single-wide, length is only limited by what’s convenient to transport. At the double-wide size, you can expect to see more luxurious options popping up with greater frequency. If you like, you can obtain double-wide configurations that most will have trouble distinguishing from a typical home.
  • Multi-sectional. Once you begin looking at mobile homes assembled from three or more sections, you enter the realm of truly impressive prefabrication. These large houses can have five or more bedrooms, a host of bathrooms, Jacuzzis, walk-in closets, vaulted ceilings. They bear little in common with the image of a mobile home most hold in their head, while still ultimately being easier to transport than any fixed-foundation home could ever hope to be.

Mobile Homes Floor Plans

Of course, at any given size of mobile home, you have a huge number of floor plans you might consider. Single-wides have the most limitations, in that certain arrangements would run into issues of convenience, but even then you can find variations ranging from studio-style open spaces to 2-bedroom 2.5 bath homes suitable for a small family. As you move up to multi-sectional homes, your options expand exponentially. Ultimately, you’ll need to go over the unique options offered by your dealer to see what’s available to you.

Final Thoughts

Being prefabricated doesn’t mean mobile homes’ floor plans are limited. Consider your needs and wants, and look for a home with the size and layout you desire—chances are, there’s a mobile home with the features you desire waiting for you. Mobility requires some degree of compromise, but not nearly as much as you expect.