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Getting Approved for a Mobile Home Loan: What Documentation Do You Need?

Oct 20 2015


Whether you're ready to begin mobile home shopping or you've already chosen the perfect mobile home for your needs, you will still need to get approved for that mobile home loan. No matter how qualified you are, this isn't as simple as just showing up to the lender's office. You must come prepared with the paperwork required for mobile home loans. Here is what you need:

Proof of income

Lenders want to verify that their customers can pay their mobile home loans on time. What you need to bring will depend on your current job situation.

  • For those who receive a paycheck:

If you are employed by a company, then you should bring copies of your W-2s for (at least) the past two years.

  • For independent income earners:

If you own a business or are an independent contractor, then you must bring your tax returns for the past two years. For business owners, also bring profit and loss forms over the past two years, because the bank will want to see how stable your company is.

A list of everything valuable that you own

Valuable assets that you could either sell or give to the lender in the event that you cannot pay your mobile home mortgage will increase your likelihood of being approved by a great deal. Be sure to bring documentation proving ownership of cars, houses, valuable artwork, etc.

A list of your current debts

Details about auto loans, credit card debt, personal loans, etc. should all be brought when you apply for a mobile home loan. This is necessary, because the lender wants to make sure that you have enough money left over after you have paid your current debts to pay your mobile home mortgage.

Details about your rental history

How you have paid your rent in the past will tell the lender a great deal about how they expect you to pay your mobile home mortgage. As such, they will require documentation showing details about your rental history over the past couple of years. This includes any late payments, bounced checks and evictions that may have occurred.

Proof that you are who you say you are

Identity theft is rampant these days. To reduce the risk of any fraudulent mobile home loans, lenders will require adequate identification. While many of the documents listed above will assist with your proof of identity, you will also need—at the very least—a government issued photo ID such as a passport or a state ID card. A reputable lender will not even pull up your credit report without some form of valid identification.

Streamline your mobile home loan process by bringing the right documentation when you apply

If you do not bring all of the documents that you need when applying for a mobile home loan, then the process will take a whole lot longer. Make your mobile home loan application process quick and easy by bringing everything that you need to get approved the first time around.