Understanding Mobile Homes


What do I Need to Know About Hook Up and Set-up for a Mobile Home?

Aug 27 2015

Mobile home ownership is popular here in Manitoba, whether as a buyer you're just starting out with your first home purchase or, as a long-time homeowner, you're scaling down to something smaller and easier to manage during retirement. Some buy a mobile home as an ideal second residence, maybe setting one up on their vacation property. Others may want a mobile home to situate on their existing home property, perhaps for use by a parent or grown child.

Whatever your reason for buying, it's a good idea to know a bit about transporting, setting and hooking up a mobile home, even if you plan on having someone else do those jobs. If you're buying from a dealership, they'll often include the setup/hookup as part of a package. Even if you're buying a used mobile from a private party, you should seriously consider having a professional mobile home transport firm do the move and setup. Setting up a mobile home is no easy task. It can be difficult and dangerous, especially if you've not done it before.

Some Things You Should Know

Whether you'll be setting up a mobile home as a DIY project or letting someone else do it, you should know some of the important basics to ensure that the right things are getting done. Obtaining permits, for example, is something that will most certainly be required. Travel permits for getting the mobile to your desired location will usually be secured by a professional transport company, but you should ask to make sure. You may also need a permit allowing you to set up a mobile home in certain locations. You'll have to personally check on this, probably at your local building department.

You also need to make sure the site is properly prepared and that the necessary utilities have been prearranged, including:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Sewage

Remember that whomever will be doing the hookups for utilities must be properly licensed for this work. Different jurisdictions have different requirements for the construction of mobile home foundations. This is another reason for hiring a professional setup contractor experienced at handling these different details.

Proper Site Prep Is Essential

Along with leveling your site, it must also be cleared of rocks, trees and brush. The soil must be compacted to prevent shifting in the foundation and graded properly to allow for water runoff. Before any of this can occur, however, you must determine that the site is accessible by the trailer transport truck. Narrow roads or bridges that will barely accommodate a car aren't going to allow for the passage of a truck delivering a mobile home.

When it comes to setting up a mobile home, a proper foundation is critical. Since different locations may require different foundation types, hiring a professional installer who's knowledgeable about local laws and codes is a smart way to go. Even if you're buying used and transport/setup isn't included, it's still worth contracting with professionals for the transport, setup and hookup of your mobile.