Understanding Mobile Homes


What do I Need to Know About Moving a Mobile Home?

Aug 07 2015

Although mobile homes provide the flexibility to move your entire house around at will, moving a mobile home isn't as simple as hooking it up to a vehicle and hauling it away. Whether you are moving your current mobile home or you plan to purchase one of the new mobile homes for sale, then you must know the following:

You must settle your lot lease at least a month beforehand

If you are moving a mobile home away from a location, then you should establish a termination date for your lot lease as early as possible. Many lot owners require at least 30 days notice.

If, on the other hand, you plan on moving one of the new mobile homes for sale that you are going to purchase, you need to guarantee a lot's availability by signing a lease for it well in advance.

The driver transporting your mobile home must be specially licensed

Due to the nature of a mobile home move, different territories require special licensure to transport one. To avoid any problems along the way, ensure that your mover is properly licensed. Drivers must be licensed to transport a mobile home in every territory that it passes through, so double check this if you plan on moving to a new territory. 

You need to make sure that all of your utilities are taken care of

In order to have a fully functioning mobile home, you cannot just drop it off anywhere. You must move it somewhere you will have access to plumbing, electricity, water, etc. After you have made sure that your mobile home's next location has all of the utilities that you need, call a professional to hook everything up.

If you are moving your current mobile home, then you also need to take care of your current utility situation. Not only should you have a professional disconnect everything, but you must contact your utility companies to shut everything off (otherwise, you could end up paying for services that you are no longer using).

Loose objects and fixtures can go flying when not properly secured

Everything from hanging lamps to large furniture can go flying if it is not properly secured for a move. Make sure to either remove or strap down everything that isn't already bolted to your mobile home.

You will need mobile home transport insurance

Double check to make sure that your mover has liability insurance to cover any damages that could occur during the move.

Different mobile homes require different moving approaches

When browsing a company's selection of new mobile homes for sale, you will notice that they are separated into two categories: single-wide and double-wide. Double-wide mobile homes can be over 1,000 square feet larger than single-wides; as such, double-wides require a different -- and more expensive approach for a successful move.

Now you are prepared for a successful mobile home move

With the information discussed in this article, you can approach your mobile home move with the confidence that you will get things done right.