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How quickly can I get a mobile home in Manitoba?


Another baby is on the way. It's great news – in one way. But it means another body in the house. More noise, more activity. Maybe it's time. You and your family have already been discussing adding another home to the property that's been in the family for generations. A mobile home makes sense to everyone because of the cost and convenience of prefabricated homes.

There's that spot you've planned to build on since you first married, but time has moved so quickly. It's a lovely spot and the perfect place to spend your final years. It makes more sense for you to move as a couple as opposed to moving the growing family, who will then move back into the house when you are gone.

Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Home Financing in Manitoba

May 08 2015


When most people decide to buy their first or even a secondary home, they often consider a single-family, site-built home also calleda "permanent home", but there is another option out there. Mobile homes, while not often thought of a practical dwelling, actually have a great advantage over the typical residence.  Mobile homes, even though they may not be as common, commonly have more space and features for the money. There is plenty to consider when you buy a mobile home or manufactured home, since the buying and financing process varies greatly from the typical home buying procedure.

If you are considering a mobile home, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

What is the difference between Mobile Homes and Modular Homes

Mar 29 2015

There is not too much difference today between Mobile homes and Modular homes. In Manitoba Mobile homes are built to the CSA standard Z-240 and Modular homes are built to A-277 standard. Structural construction would be the same between the 2 standards Electrical, Plumbing, Steel frame, insulation and wood frame construction. 
To have a SRI home built at Prairie Mobile Homes to A-277 modular Standard you would have to have the home built with an HRV Heat recovery ventilation system for the southern Manitoba and north of the 51 parallel you would also have to add to the home as standard Tri-pane casement windows, Tank less hot water, R-52 attic and R32 walls. You can add these options individually as needed into a Z-240 Mobile home and still be a Mobile home, you cannot take them from the A-277 Modular home code home and still be a Modular home.