Understanding Mobile Homes


How do I Prepare a Pad (Gravel or Concrete) for a Manufactured Home?

Aug 27 2015

Mobile home ownership is popular here in Manitoba, whether as a buyer you're just starting out with your first home purchase or, as a long-time homeowner, you're scaling down to something smaller and easier to manage during retirement. Some buy a mobile home as an ideal second residence, maybe setting one up on their vacation property. Others may want a mobile home to situate on their existing home property, perhaps for use by a parent or grown child.

Whatever your reason for buying, it's a good idea to know a bit about transporting, setting and hooking up a mobile home, even if you plan on having someone else do those jobs. If you're buying from a dealership, they'll often include the setup/hookup as part of a package. Even if you're buying a used mobile from a private party, you should seriously consider having a professional mobile home transport firm do the move and setup. Setting up a mobile home is no easy task. It can be difficult and dangerous, especially if you've not done it before.

Are Manufactured Home Prices Cheaper Than Regular Houses?

Aug 12 2015

If you’re looking to buy a home, manufactured home prices are cheaper than those for similar regular (“stick-built”) houses. Typically, construction costs can be as much as 20 to 30 percent less per square foot for a manufactured home.

Regular stick-built homes are built on site, while manufactured homes are built in a factory. This helps lower manufactured home prices in the following ways:

What do I Need to Know About Moving a Mobile Home?

Aug 07 2015

Although mobile homes provide the flexibility to move your entire house around at will, moving a mobile home isn't as simple as hooking it up to a vehicle and hauling it away. Whether you are moving your current mobile home or you plan to purchase one of the new mobile homes for sale, then you must know the following:

You must settle your lot lease at least a month beforehand

If you are moving a mobile home away from a location, then you should establish a termination date for your lot lease as early as possible. Many lot owners require at least 30 days notice.

If, on the other hand, you plan on moving one of the new mobile homes for sale that you are going to purchase, you need to guarantee a lot's availability by signing a lease for it well in advance.

The driver transporting your mobile home must be specially licensed

How Can I Finance a Mobile Home?

Jul 23 2015

Mobile home financing isn’t always easy—depending on your credit, your income, and the size of the mobile home you’re are wondering how to finance a mobile home. You might find that your go-to lenders aren’t eager to make you a useful offer, if they’re willing to work with you at all. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions out there for making a mobile home your own, giving you the mix of flexibility and consistency only a mobile home can offer.

Is a Mobile Home a Good Choice as a Seasonal Home?

Jul 17 2015

With more than 17 million Americans and 1.8 million Camadians living in manufactured homes ,  buying a mobile home is the ideal solution for countless families. Mobile homes are also one of the most cost effective solutions for people looking to purchase a seasonal home. Continue reading to learn more about why buying a mobile home is the premier solution for your seasonal home purchase.


Mobile homes are one of the most secure and affordable options for people looking to purchase a seasonal home. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, a typical single-family home costs an average of $453,560, while manufactured homes average only $259.000. Additionally, mobile  homes cost anywhere from 10% to 35% less per square foot to build than homes built on site. Mobile homes are cheaper because of the perfected manufacturing process. Factories are able to purchase gargantuan amounts of products, materials, and appliances at significantly cheaper rates than typical on-site or condominium builders. As a result, these cost savings are passed on to the homeowner. If you are looking to purchase a seasonal home, buying a mobile home is the ideal way to keep your costs low.

How factory built homes are exploding in popularity

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How factory-built homes are shedding their 'cheap' label and exploding in popularity

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5 reasons why to put a second Home on your property in Manitoba

Jul 09 2015

Adding a second home on your property in Manitoba can make it worth substantially more money and provide you with a wide variety of benefits.

The following are five reasons to consider putting a second home on your property:

1. Providing a home for your adult children

If you have adult children, you may want them to live on your property. They may live farther away, or even under your roof. Having them nearby, but out of your house, provides both generations with independence. If they live farther away, having your children move closer provides multigenerational benefits for both of you, and if your children have kids of their own, you’ll get to spend valuable time with your grandchildren. You’ll all be able to see each other frequently, and each family will have the other nearby in case of emergency.

Is a Mobile Home cheaper than a regular home?

Jul 08 2015


So you are thinking about buying a home. You really never thought about it but as you drive along the number 1 highway in Headingley or the south perimeter you see mobile homes for sale. You may not have considered a manufactured home an option but maybe you should.

Manufactured Homes homes typically have the reputation of being both a cheap and a quick option for homeowners who are in desperate need of an adequate living situation now.  This reputation of being “cheap” has also led many homeowners to quickly cross the idea of investing in a mobile home off of their list. Thanks to stricter modern building codes, however, most mobile homes must pass relatively high standards – before they ever leave the manufacturer.  Here are some ways in which the price tag on a mobile home compares with one that is built onsite: The Modular home must be built to the same standard as a home is built on site.