Understanding Mobile Homes


Can I have 2 houses on a property in Manitoba?

Jul 08 2015


Many of my clients as k me during the research process" Can I have 2 houses on a property in Manitoba?" There is flexibility within many municipalities in regards to having two houses on the same property.  Restrictions apply as well though. A second house can only be put as a temporary fixture to a property which must be of a proportionate size large enough to hold two houses without the homes crossing over on to someone else's land. The main house is usually set towards the front, and the temporary home put in the back of it. This can only be done for areas which are in rural communities. Land within city limits does not usually allow for a second home to be put on to the property. If there is a 2nd driveway or close to a waterway you may have to get highways or department fisheries and oceans (DFO) to approve placement.

How Do I Move A Mobile Home in Manitoba?

Jun 22 2015


How Do I Move a Mobile Home in Manitoba?

If you have recently found a used mobile home for sale at a great price that you would like to buy, you first need to consider how you are going to have the mobile home transported. Transportation of a mobile home requires experience and equipment that most people do not possess. If you need to have a mobile home moved in the near future, use the following guide to learn how a professional transportation company can help you.


Before the trailer can be moved, you need to have it inspected to ensure that it has the structural integrity needed to be able to be transported safely. An inspection can be done in a very short period of time. The transportation company will more than likely know of an inspector that you can hire to do the inspection or they may employ one that you can hire to inspect the home for you.

How Much does a mobile home cost in Manitoba.

Jun 12 2015


How Much does a mobile home cost in Manitoba?

If you are looking for an affordable yet comfortable house, a mobile home can be the ideal purchase. With price tags that can range between under $100,000 and several hundred thousands of dollars, the type of home you want can greatly affect the price.

Size Matters

As you might expect, the price of a mobile home goes up as the size of it increases. One of the smallest options, a 16'x60' structure costs about $69,000. For the extra space a 16x68 gives you, the prices raises to $78,500. The price tag of a 16'x76' is $81,000.

Service and Maintenance Tips for Mobile Homes in Manitoba

Jun 08 2015

It is not surprising that more people are now investing in mobile homes. This is especially attributable to the fact that prefabricated homes are less expensive than homes constructed through traditional methods, yet they are equally attractive, well built and comfortable. Beside, a mobile home will afford you the freedom and mobility to move from one place to another. You can opt to get a single section home or a large multi-section unit with such fancy features as a fireplace, or cathedral ceilings. You can even go for a 2 story mobile home.


Whichever type of manufactured home you opt for, it is imperative that you perform routine maintenance and inspection on it. This will not only render the home more comfortable to live in, it will also help in retaining its resale value in the event that you bought it as an investment. The following mobile home maintenance tips may come in handy while performing repairs, decorations or simply an annual inspection of your home.

What are the legal issues for mobile homes in Manitoba Saskatchewan?

May 29 2015

 Ownership of the Mobile Home

Mobile homes are portable living units that can be transported on their running gear and chassis by towing or any other method. They are put upon the frame of a vehicle hence they are part of the car. Mobile homes in Manitoba, 

Mobile homes in Winnipeg and Mobile homes Saskatoon have subdivisions and parks set aside for them. Ownership of these homes is similar to that of permanent homes except in the case of these mobile homes you may own the home but not the land around it.

Ownership of the land

According to the laws in these areas, you should have your mobile home within the parks to avoid trespass on other people’s property and congestion. The segregations are also created for uniformity and in the Manitoba, Saskatoon and Winnipeg regions the law states that every park should comprise of at least 50 homes. These homes will make up your small neighborhood seated on approximately 10 acres of land. The land in these parks is owned by the local governments.

How to prepare for and set up your mobile home?

May 14 2015


Setting up a mobile home is not as easy as it may appear. There are numerous tasks to be accomplished in ensuring that your home is set up safely. In the event that you are buying a new mobile home or have recently purchased a new mobile home, you will probably get your set up and general installation handled by your dealership as part of the purchase price. However, if you bought a used mobile home that requires to be relocated or you simply require to move your existing home to a different location, you will have to do it yourself, which is not always easy. If you are looking for guidelines on installation of your mobile home, read on.

How quickly can I get a mobile home in Manitoba?

May 11 2015


Another baby is on the way. It's great news – in one way. But it means another body in the house. More noise, more activity. Maybe it's time. You and your family have already been discussing adding another home to the property that's been in the family for generations. A mobile home makes sense to everyone because of the cost and convenience of prefabricated homes.

There's that spot you've planned to build on since you first married, but time has moved so quickly. It's a lovely spot and the perfect place to spend your final years. It makes more sense for you to move as a couple as opposed to moving the growing family, who will then move back into the house when you are gone.